What I'm reading this week: Wednesday 27th December '17 / by Naomi Oluleye

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Ahead of the new year, here’s a selection of  some my favourite and most popular links from ‘What I’m Reading’.

  1. Brands – stop worrying about being unique and start focusing on bringing your emotional positioning to life.
  2. Racked have done an investigation into the amount of free gifting brands send to editors in the hope of getting coverage. I’m of the argument that gifting to the RIGHT people is important to generate brand awareness, stimulate conversation about the brand, and build relationships.
  3. Building bulletproof brands. It’s a three part series so read them all to get a full understanding.
  4. Shine Theory: Why powerful women make the greatest friend.
  5. How Raf Simons captured the Calvin Klein empire.
  6. Elaine Welteroth has taken on a seemingly impossible task: reinventing Teen Vogue for a millennial, hyper empathetic generation.
  7. Virgil Abloh, the Mixmaster of fashion.
  8. Interesting article on what the closing of concept store Colette might mean for fashion, retail and shoppers.
  9. Sheryl Sandberg on Desert Island Discs in which she discusses love, loss, gender pay gap issues and what Facebook is doing to combat terrorism.
  10. Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot -- and Relaunch Their Careers’ by content strategist and writer Wendy Sachs. A great read and teaches women how to lean into our strengths, keep relevant and pivot in a career.

Lastly, Dolly Alderton wrote a piece this week about why the period between Christmas and New Year is a good week to do absolutely nothing.