What I'm reading this week: Sunday 2nd April / by Naomi Oluleye

  1. I recently discovered Nigerian- Brit designer Yinka Ilori through Twitter. Like Yinka, I am myself a Nigerian - Brit, it was great reading his interview on Cool Hunting which discusses how he uses his heritage and culture to shape a sense of belonging in his conceptual chairs.
  2. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Instagram, not for the reason that some may expect i.e. posting selfies of oneself but rather for how it’s become one of the best communication tools and marketing platforms. This week I attended Instagram guru and Editorial Director at Dazed Studio, Laura Bradley’s talk on Instagram at High Road House on how it can revolutionise your business and personal profile. Here is an article she did last year for Creative Boom which discusses her top tips.
  3. Solange is an example of how niche can lead to the mainstream. Solange is constantly innovating and building a community through storytelling. She recently said in an interview with Bust Magazine, “I consider myself a songwriter first, and in the trajectory of what I’m trying to create, singer comes last. I’m interested in storytelling.”
  4. 10 podcasts which will boost your career according to ELLE.
  5. I’ve been following Semaine for a while, I see them as a platform for today’s culturally curious consumer. It’s a lifestyle platform mixing e-commerce, tastemakers and editorial content.