What I'm reading this week: Sunday 26th March / by Naomi Oluleye

In ELLE’s print April Edition, ‘Over It! When Quitting is the ultimate power move’. A really honest piece by Alex Holder, Content Director at ELLE on the joy of quitting and change.


Following Alex’s piece in ELLE on quitting, my next read this week was ‘Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot -- and Relaunch Their Careers’ by content strategist and writer Wendy Sachs. A great read and teaches women how to lean into our strengths, keep relevant and pivot in a career.


I went to a great talk by Monotype (the company behind fonts) on 'Make it personal: Building brand engagement with today’s customers'. One of the speakers at the event was Michael Johnson, one of the world's leading graphic designers and brand consultants. In his talk he presented the campaign his company did with Cambridge University, ‘Dear World, Yours Cambridge’. Amazing campaign which demonstrates how people can build brands.


Lastly, I now know why my younger relatives have several social media accounts after reading 'How Fake News Is Affecting Generation Z' by Pandora Skyes.