What I'm reading this week: Sunday 12th March / by Naomi Oluleye

To mark International Women’s Day which took place on Wednesday, I'm sharing my favourite women-led platforms.

All of these platforms provide me with interesting weekly cultural insights, career tips, and motivational real stories by other women.

  1. The WW Club is a space for working women worldwide, founded by Phoebe Lovatt.
  2. Set up by Katherine Ormerod, Work Work Work is an anti-perfectionism project which aims to reveal and explore the non-edited challenges that women face behind the fantasy of social media.
  3. The Lifestyle Edit set up by Naomi Mdudu is all about celebrating women’s brains and giving women friendly advice on the tips and tricks while recommending the latest places and destinations.
  4. Women Who is a platform for creative working women, founded by Otegha Uwagba.